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The “Remember When’s List" Gift:

My son gave me a typed letter. Every sentence began with, "I remember when..." He listed so many things that even I had forgotten that he and I did together. I was crying like a baby when I finished reading it.

Holly from Georgia


Why this gift is great


  • Freeeeee!

  • Easy to ship

  • Unique - it’s not like they can buy themselves one of these lists

  • Awesome group gift opportunity for siblings, friends, co-workers, etc.


Brainstorming your version of this gift


Other ways to package memory gifts:


Alternative occasions/recipients to give this gift:

  • Graduation gift

  • Anniversary gift

  • Grandparent gift

  • Celebration of life

  • Birthday gift for a sibling

  • Get well soon/thinking of you gift

  • Retirement gift for a co-worker (potential to team up with other co-workers)

  • Birthday gift for a best friend (potential to team up with others in your friend group)

  • Moving away gift for a neighbor, friend, co-worker (potential to team up with others)


Tips for flooding your mind with memories:



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I love the idea of the blank journal! It’s both sentimental and cost effective! Thank you!


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