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Hi gift-givers! I’ll take “Gift Ideas” for $1,000. 

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What is a singular gift that you can give annually to a group of friends (or family) who all have different tastes…that costs $0?

What is…the gift idea I’m about to share with you in today’s free BGC email!


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As gift-givers we’ve all been there – it’s the proverbial 11th hour and you're STILL STUMPED for a gift idea. 

You’ve set yourself up to avoid this exhausting scenario because you now have access to BGC’s ever-growing collection of stories of the best gifts ever given plus guidance on how you make them your own.

This unique collection – your shortcut gift-giving relief & excitement –  is largely thanks to everyday gift-givers, just like you, who took 5 minutes to share their stories of the greatest gifts they’ve ever received, given, or witnessed.

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Gift idea time! Here’s a story of a
great gift to spark your creativity


The “personalized group trivia" Gift:

My close group of longtime girlfriends and I have an ongoing tradition of getting together around the holidays and exchanging small gifts. For the last couple years, instead of giving us small gifts, my friend created a trivia game for us to play that has been the main event of our evening together. The trivia questions are mostly related to our shared memories and experiences. It’s the PERFECT gift for celebrating our strong group bond.

Paula from Nebraska



Why this gift is great


  • Budget-friendly

  • Fun, unique, thoughtful

  • One gift for an entire group

  • Tradition potential - removes the guesswork from future gifts

  • Gift-recipients, in general, are happier receiving experiential gifts than material ones (source)


Brainstorming your version of this gift


Great gift for families and workplaces too!

Logistical tips:

Personalized trivia question brainstorming prompts:

  • References to shared places

  • Names of mutual friends/acquaintances 

  • References related to shared inside jokes

  • Old phone numbers, street names, screennames

  • Memorable shared events (weddings, road trips, etc.)

  • Guess the number of times a shared occurrence has happened

  • References to shared favorite movies, songs, shows, books, etc.

  • Identify people by childhood photos or pictures of only eyes/smiles

  • Name the person in this photo (mutual friends, acquaintances, schoolmates, etc.)

Instead of creating a trivia game, also consider creating a 🎁 personalized crossword puzzle for a group of friends/family.



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In 5 minutes, make thousands of gift-givers & their loved ones smile


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So long, everybody (in my best Trebek voice),
Patrick Kucharson
Better Gift Coach

P.S. If you’re looking for an evidence-based podcast that helps you uncover and foster your most joyful self, check out Dr. Henry Emmons and Dr. Aimee Prasek’s Joy Lab Podcast. Better Gift Coach was included as a helpful resource for improving gift-giving in one of their recent episodes, Build Better Goals & Resolutions With Your Resilience Type.


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Have you been inspired by a gift idea shared in the BGC newsletter? It would be the highlight of my week to hear from you about it! Here’s who made my week:

One of the nicest gifts I've ever received is along the lines of your current newsletter.  It was from my sister, who is a talented artist. She found a Facebook photo of my cat who had died the year before at almost 17 years old, and then she reproduced it as a small, beautifully framed 5x7 watercolor.  It wasn't so soon that it was painful; instead, enough time had passed that I was so happy and touched.  It has pride of place in my living room, and I smile whenever I see it.

Maria from Rhode Island


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