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This week’s awesome gift story is thanks to one of our subscribers, Amanda. In the spirit of Amanda’s gift, see the P.S. for a BGC crossword puzzle. Thanks, Amanda!


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The “crossword mama" Gift

I want to share with you one of the best gifts I ever gave (at least I think so!). My mother was a crossword lover, so one year I made her a personalized crossword puzzle. The clues were all about family lore, inside jokes, family lingo, TV shows she liked, etc. I used a free online crossword generator which was very easy to use. Coming up with the clues was fun, but definitely took a while. Since she was a pro at crosswords, I made a big puzzle and phrased clues in that kind of cryptic, crossword clue kind of way. It was a big hit! After my mother finished the crossword, she asked me to make another one.

Amanda from Massachusetts

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Brainstorming your version of this gift


Plan ahead - Making a custom crossword puzzle from scratch likely takes time. Give yourself at least a month and do the work in bunches.

Enlist help, share in the credit - consider the opportunity to make this a group gift by asking others to contribute words/clues

Could be a gift that you give to multiple people (families, friends, coworkers)


Free online crossword generators:


Other games you can create your own customized versions for:

  • Trivia

  • Mad-Lib

  • Pictionary

  • Apples to Apples/Cards Against Humanity

  • Word search (free generator - The Word Search)


Making this gift happen 


  • Who on your gift list enjoys crossword puzzles (or similar games)? _____

  • Who could you enlist to help you create the game? _____

  • How much time should you give yourself to create this? _____


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A subscriber, Meri, reached out to me a while back seeking gift ideas for her brother’s 60th birthday. She decided to go with the memory slips idea from 🎁 $0 cost for memories never lost. I was so excited when she recently reached back out with an update on how it went:

My brother loved the “Remember When” Idea for his 60th birthday. My mother, brother, and I all submitted remembrances. Thanks so much!

- Meri

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