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The “illustrated quote" Gift:

I worked with an older gentleman for 15+ years who used a lot of old-timey phrases (for example, "He was busier than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.") that he would toss around in conversation. For my own entertainment, I started keeping a list of his quotes. When I realized that many of the quotes could be illustrated, I knew the perfect retirement gift. I hired a high school art student to illustrate a half dozen or so of his quotes and put them together in a photo book for him. He knew that I had been keeping a list of quotes, but as he looked through the book he laughed so hard that he was crying. Best response ever!

Rebecca from Indiana


Why this gift is great


  • “Laughing so hard they cry”…enough said

  • Great gift for bonding because it’s unique to your relationship with them

  • Similar to this 🎁Dad Quote Gift, this honors the recipient…but the illustration takes the creativity to the next level


Brainstorming your version of this gift


Don’t worry about coming up with multiple quotes to fill a photo book…illustrating even one quote is still an awesome gift!

You can custom illustrate a quote that doesn’t have to be original to your gift-recipient (think favorite TV/movie quotes ~ or ~ things grandma always used to say to both of you)

Ways to get quotes animated:

  • Be your own artist

  • Patronize a local artist…or an aspiring artist (like Rebecca did)

  • Hire a professional on Fiverr for as little as $10

  • DALL·E 2 is a free AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language (I use it, it’s easy)

🚨Warning! Whenever gifting artwork or home decor, consider your recipient’s style preferences and the space needed for them to display your gift. Consider smaller size dimensions like 5x7”.

Consider printing animation on objects other than paper:

Or create a digital version for them to use as a computer background/screensaver!



Making this gift happen 


  • Write down the names of 5 people in your life and any quotes that you associate with them (quotes original to them or not). ____


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My own illustration of my one of my Dad’s quotes…

Helping you make them laugh tears,
Patrick Kucharson
Better Gift Coach

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Have you been inspired by a gift idea shared in the BGC newsletter? It would be the highlight of my week to hear from you about it! Here’s who made my week:

In response to Julie from Texas’s word cloud gift idea shared in 🎁Turning words into sentimental art, some subscribers replied back with their own version of this gift idea:

“Put the word cloud on a tee shirt!”

“Put the word cloud on a sticker or series of stickers. Then I can put them in places that I like or put them on things I always have on my desk.”


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