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Hi gift-givers! Today’s gift story reminds us that Rome wasn’t built in a day – and either are many of the best gifts. Slow and steady will win in gifting.


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Gift idea time! Here’s a story of a
great gift to spark your creativity


The “relationship journey journal" Gift:

I have 2 young girls. Each month, I write them a letter in a journal (one page, combination recap of what they've been doing, milestones, some dad "wisdom," and lessons I'm learning from them throughout this parenting journey). Intention is to gift this in middle school/high school after some sort of rite of passage and if they want, for us to be able to write letters back and forth to each other from there.

Ben from Ohio


Why this gift is great


  • Unique

  • Thoughtful

  • Budget-friendly

  • Value ages like a fine wine


Brainstorming your version of this gift


This is a gift to start now for gifting in the future – nothing’s stopping you, get started!

A digital version of this gift would be to journal via emails:

  • You can schedule emails to be delivered to their current email address at a later date

  • You can send the emails to an email address that you create that you can give your recipient access to in the future

For productivity tips for staying consistent and finding time for this project, invest in resources like BGC subscriber Marcey Rader’s book Work Well. Play More! (I just finished this book and a few simple steps have elevated my productivity to the next level)

Don’t keep this gift a complete secret - in case something untimely happens to you, make sure someone else can give this gift to your recipient on your behalf

Potential gift recipients:

  • Children

  • Parents

  • Best friends

  • Grandchildren

  • Signifcant others

Tips for what to include in your relationship journey journal:

  • Humor, lightheartedness

  • Growth, developments, trends

  • Challenges (reality isn’t always rosey)

  • Opportunities for the recipient to reflect

  • Family traditions that you want to live on

  • Memorable moments, events, milestones

  • Personal wisdom, insights, lessons learned

  • Visual/audio records (drawings, pictures, songs, etc.)


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Slow and steady wins the gift race,
Patrick Kucharson
Better Gift Coach

P.S.  Seriously, it would make my day to hear about your favorite holiday gifts! Please share.


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Inspired by 🎁 The free soundtrack of their life, subscriber Tanya and her friends created a crowdsourced music playlist for their friend whose birthday happens to be on Christmas Day! Here’s a photo of the gift reveal!

Photo courtesy of Tanya


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