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Greetings Gift-Givers!


Hi gift-givers! This week’s gift will make them boogie-woogie-woogie…or maybe cry…or likely both. They’ll likely experience a symphony of good vibes due to your thoughtfulness and creativity. Casey Kasem would be proud.

This week’s gift idea is courtesy of Tasmania


One-ish more thing(s)
before today’s gift ideas


BGC Community Gift-Wrapping Playlist 2023

Simply reply to this email with a song you’d like included in the BGC Community Gift-Wrapping Playlist 2023. 

Once I receive your submissions, I’ll put the playlist together, illustrate a fun CD cover, and share it so everyone can listen to it while they wrap their holiday gifts. Please don’t feel limited to only holiday songs!

I asked my mom to provide track #1. She selected one that, in her words, is “not popular, but has beautiful words”. Thanks, Mom!

Track #1: “Someday at Christmas” by Stevie Wonder


Estimated read time: 2 minutes & 23 seconds


Gift idea time! Here’s a story of a
great gift to spark your creativity


The “playlist of a lifetime" Gift:

For my 40th birthday my husband got in touch with 40 of my close people from different parts of my life (family, childhood, school, adolescence, adulthood...) and asked them each to pick one song which reminded them of me, whether from a shared memory, or that the lyrics remind them of me. Hubby asked each submission for a little spiel to go with it, explaining why my loved one had chosen that song.  He complied all the notes, a picture of me and that person and made me a spotify playlist called "Belle's top 40 at 40" Best present ever!

Belle from Tasmania


Why this gift is great


  • Basically free!

  • I bet someone who “already has everything” doesn’t have this

  • This gift takes the one highlighted in 🎁 Viva La Mixtape and crowdsources it. Brilliant!


Brainstorming your version of this gift


Instructions for creating digital playlists on:

Old school touch to a digital playlist:

  1. Find an empty cassette tape or CD case

  2. Write out the playlist on the inside cover

  3. Print out a QR code that directs to the online digital playlist

  4. ~ or ~ just pay someone to create you a fancy one


Additional recipients to consider for this gift:

  • Parent

  • Grandparent

  • Sibling

  • Friend

  • Co-worker


Crowdsource gift idea occasions:

  • Holidays

  • Birthdays

  • Retirements

  • Graduations

  • Anniversaries

  • Moving-aways


To explore similar gift ideas that you can crowdsource with others, see 🎁 The “crowdsourced memories" Gift and 🎁 A lifetime of book recommendations.


Making this gift happen 


  • Who in your life would love receiving this gift?___

  • Who can you enlist as a connector to other potential contributors?___

For making this and other gifts happen, consider BGC’s playbook for confident gift-giving that saves you time & stress: 4-Step Playbook for Giving Better Gifts in a Busy World. Interested, but not sure? Here’s a free preview of the playbook.


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Inspire others!
Share the stories of your best gifts


Please reply to this email ~ or ~ click the button below if you have stories of awesome gifts that you can share with the community that fall under the below topics:

  • Last-minute gifts

  • Thank you letters

  • Any memorable gift you’ve received or given


Your input helps others brainstorm


Reply to this email with a song you’d like included in the gift-wrapping playlist!


My attempt to send
you off with a smile


Hare-raising dance moves


Supporting your rise to gift-giving rockstardom,
Patrick Kucharson
Better Gift Coach

P.S. Who’s brainstorming a holiday gift for a teacher? Reply to this email and I’ll be happy to share some recommendations (and tips for gifts to avoid).


Subscribers putting BGC
gift ideas into action


Have you been inspired by a gift idea shared in the BGC newsletter? It would be the highlight of my week to hear from you about it! Here’s who made my week:

Kelley from Arizona just put up Christmas decorations and took a photo of her grandmother’s Christmas jewelry art gift that she shared with us in 🎁 Deck the halls with underutilized keepsakes. What a brilliantly creative and thoughtful gift. Thanks for sharing, Kelley!

Kelley’s grandmother’s Christmas jewelry art gift

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