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great gift to spark your creativity


The “passage of time collection" Gift:

On our 25th wedding anniversary I gave my husband 25 vinyl albums from each year we had been married and a vintage style record player. Each year we add to it. He loved it as reminds him of his youth, is updated every year and a way of listening to his favorite artists old style!




Why this gift is great


  • Nostalgia makes great gifts

  • Celebrates your unique journey together

  • Great gift tradition potential (remove guesswork from future gifts)


Brainstorming your version of this gift


Passage of time gifts aren’t just for significant others – consider for family and close friends too

Other potential items to consider for passage of time collection gifts:

If you can’t track down items from previous years, then start this gift this year and thank yourself several years from now when you’ve collected enough to give it.

Previously shared BGC gifts that can also celebrate a relationship’s passage of time:



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Better Gift Coach

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Inspired by 🎁 Turning words into sentimental art, a BGC subscriber recently shared the following:

I gave my husband a word cloud that was on a framed canvas and contains all the words that come to my mind when I think of him. He calls it his “ego portrait” and he loved it!

BGC subscriber


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