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Hi gift-givers! Every time you open this newsletter, it’s gift idea time. Just ask the trusty radio alarm clock we all had back in 90’s…

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Gift idea time! Here’s a story of a great gift to get your creative juices flowing


The “cheesy hotel surprise" Gift:

I’m a self-proclaimed cheese board junkie. So when my husband and I went on a trip to the Pacific Northwest for my birthday, I was shocked when we entered our hotel room to find a beautiful cheese board with local products waiting for us. Along with this delicious surprise, was a handwritten note from my friend wishing me a happy birthday and a wonderful trip. Ahead of our visit, she coordinated with the hotel to make it all happen. This was one of the most fun and thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received.

Jennifer from Wisconsin


Why this gift is great


  • Fun, creative, and personalized

  • The handwritten note adds a meaningful touch

  • The gift stands out since it’s given in an unexpected way and time

  • It’s the thought that counts! The cheese could taste horrible and it’s still a winning gift


Brainstorming your version of this gift


In general tips:

  • Great group gift potential

  • This gift works for almost anyone in your life

  • With a helpful hotel concierge, this could be a great last-minute gift

  • Don’t give gifts that burden your recipient (e.g. items challenging to travel home with)

  • Obviously, you can also do this gift for someone you’re traveling with (bonus – you get to see that goofy-looking face they make when they get surprised)


Occasions to especially consider this gift for:

  • Anniversaries

  • Honeymoons

  • Birthday trips

  • Retirement trips


Hotel surprise gift ideas:

  • Surprise room upgrade (now that’s a gift!)

  • Flowers, chocolates, treats, alcohol (you know…the obvious stuff)

  • Care package from home (who doesn’t miss hometown favorites while away?)

  • Customized room decor (balloons, streamers, banner with a special message, photos, etc.)

  • Experiences (spa, guided tours, event tickets, excursions) - similar to this story of a mom treating her daughter to paddleboarding on vacation


BGC Hotel Surprise Playbook:

  1. Casually ask your gift recipient where they are staying on their upcoming trip

  2. Contact the hotel or host to understand how they can assist

  3. Coordinate with the hotel/host or third-party local vendor (e.g. a restaurant, florist, Grubhub, etc.) to make the surprise happen

  4. Bonus - Send a handwritten note to the hotel/host to be presented with the gift


Making this gift happen 


  • Who in your life is going on an upcoming trip?____

  • Where are they staying?____

  • What items would be a good surprise hotel gift for them?____


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Wishing you surprise hotel upgrade gifts,
Patrick Kucharson
Better Gift Coach

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