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Greetings Gift-Givers!


Hi gift-givers! Today's gift idea is one for the person in your life who is always focusing (the camera) on everyone but themselves. You know…those cheese-lovers. That is, those SAY CHEEEEESE lovers.


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Gift idea time! Here’s a story of a
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The “photos of the photographer" Gift:

For our wedding anniversary after our third kid was born, my husband gifted me with a photo album full of photos of….me. That may sound vain, but what made it so special is that normally I am the photographer in our family and don’t often see photos of me. When I opened this album, it had photos of me, some ten years old now, and some recent. Some were of early dating, some were silly, some were sentimental, and some were of me pregnant, after the birth of our kids, and just everyday photos. It meant so much to me to see each photo, each connected to a small or big memory, and to not only remember with my husband but to see how he sees me. After so many life changes, and many months or years when I haven’t felt like “myself” at times, this really helped me change that idea in my head. It literally helped me see myself a little differently, through his eyes.  Needless to say, I cried in the restaurant when I opened it.

Madeleine from Virginia


Why this gift is great


  • Budget-friendly

  • Unique keepsake

  • Purposeful – help someone find themselves again

  • Recognizes the sacrifice of someone who regularly assumes the photographer role


Brainstorming your version of this gift


Photos don’t have to be of only them – the family/group photographers rarely have photos of just themselves, but also don’t often have many of them with others 


Personalize with captions – adding handwritten notes or captions next to the photos can significantly enhance the emotional value of this gift


If you don’t have enough photos of the gift-recipient – ask others to send you their photos (and maybe their captions)


Your gift tradition opportunity in the making – keep adding to album periodically! Get intentional by asking them to switch places with you after they take a photo of you.


How to quickly find all photos of someone on your iphone  – Here are instructions from Apple for a neat iPhone shortcut




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May your gifts always be in focus,
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Subscribers sharing their feedback
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In response to 🎁 The “memory lane surprise visits" Gift, one of you shared how to make this gift even better:

Excellent idea that can be even more customized. The sibling/friend/ etc can have some decorations at their house. The car used to transport the celebrate can be decorated and also have a bottle of champagne & glasses to toast with.


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