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The “home memories floorplan" Gift:

My fiancée surprised me with a cute hand-drawn blueprint of our first apartment


Why this gift is great


  • Budget-friendly

  • Celebrates the relationship

  • One-of-a-kind and deeply personal keepsake

  • The floorplan itself is cool, but what makes this special is they labeled locations/items of importance (e.g. “Our first I Love You” on the couch, the ring for where their proposal occurred, etc.)


Brainstorming your version of this gift


In the floorplan, be sure to include:

  • Locations of significant events 

  • Items of significance

  • Inside jokes


If you don’t want to create/draw the floorplan yourself:


Alternative map version of this gift:

  • Create your own map of a city/location of importance and label all the locations of significance (first date restaurant, location of a speeding ticket, etc.)

  • You could also just buy a map of the city and draw/write on it


This gift isn’t just for significant others! 

  • Family members would love a floorplan of your childhood home that features your shared memories

  • Friends/roommates (past/present) would cherish this gift (think dorm room, apartments with friends, etc.)

  • Co-worker friends might also be excited to receive a floorplan of your shared workspace (possible good gift to a group)


This gift is similar to 🎁 Love It or List It or Frame It and 🎁 the “street signs" gift




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Subscribers’ own versions
of BGC gifts


Because I always encourage inside joke gifts (such as 🎁 The “frame an inside joke" Gift), I wanted to share this subscriber’s gift story:

My friend Mike and I worked together and would give each other a hard time about many things. He gave me a gift basket full of inside jokes: Reese’s Cups, a miniature Camaro, a coffee mug with the photo of a Rottweiler on it, and a little hand drawn picture of a “warning: Nissan Sentra.” Inexpensive, thoughtful, and personal.



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