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Greetings Gift-Givers!


Hi gift-givers! Who knows you better than you? No one. So the person who has a very high likelihood of giving you the best gift of your year could be…well…the person looking back at you in the mirror.

Not too confusing, right?


One-ish more thing(s)
before today’s gift ideas


Thank you to everyone who set aside a few minutes to answer last week’s call for subscriber-submitted gift stories. I cannot wait to share them! If you haven’t contributed a gift story yet, I’d be excited to hear from you!


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Gift idea time! Here’s a story of a
great gift to spark your creativity


The “don’t forget yourself" Gift:

After 10 years of contemplation, research, and writing, I recently published a book about navigating a career in music. As I’ve done with some of my past life accomplishments, I wanted to give myself a celebratory gift that will be memorable and good for my soul. In the past, I’ve given myself jewelry, musical equipment, and travel. I’ve been so busy with life that decided the best way to treat myself was to clear my calendar and take 4 days of rest following the book launch. It was exactly what I needed.

Geraldine in New York (author of The Pulse of the Musician)



Why this gift is great


  • Allows for rest and rejuvenation

  • It’s motivation to achieve your goals

  • Acknowledges the importance of self-care


Brainstorming your version of this gift


 Take your first steps:

  1. Identify a personal accomplishment on the horizon (or one that’s unceremoniously passed)

  2. Brainstorm a gift for yourself


Gifts to yourself can be:

  • Small or big

  • Material items or experiences


Takeaways from 150+ who shared their best self-gifts:

  • Pretty evenly split between material gifts and experiential ones

  • For experiential gifts, self-care experiences were popular (e.g. spa treatment)

  • Many gave themselves gifts with symbolic value to mark their accomplishment

  • Small, but meaningful indulgences were popular (e.g. a quality pillow or kitchen appliance)

  • Some people opted for gifts that were investments in their passions (e.g. art supplies, electronics)

  • Most sought gifts that will serve as constant sources of joy/usefulness (e.g. artwork and daily jewelry)

  • A few gave themselves heirloom gifts that they intend to pass down (along with the story of the accomplishment they mark) to future generations



Nudge someone else to reward themselves:

  • Encourage someone who is approaching a “don’t forget yourself” gifting occasion to consider a self-gift – your encouragement might alleviate any guilt they might otherwise harbor about it.



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Patrick Kucharson
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Subscribers sharing their feedback
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Submitted in the email feedback poll for The “personalized group trivia" Gift:

A great gift for shared memories to be rehashed and laughed at again together with the group.

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