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Greetings Gift-Givers!


This is Better Gift Coach, where we remind you that your inside jokes have a lot more mileage than you may think.


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Gift idea time! Here’s a story of a
great gift to spark your creativity


The “frame an inside joke" Gift

My wife and I have a recurring inside joke that I can fix things…but my fixes never look professional. She lovingly refers to them as janky. Once we unknowingly purchased a defective tube of toothpaste that was opening at the side seam as we squeezed. My successful fix was to wrap the tube in electrical tape. Knowing that she’d add this to the tally of one of my janky fixes, I added a label over the tape reading “A Patty K Jank Fix”. When we finished the tube, she begged me not to throw it out because using it brought a daily smile to her face. On our anniversary, she woke up to the toothpaste tube framed in a shadow box hung next to her sink to immortalize our inside joke.

This is one of my own stories



Why this gift is great


  • Minimal effort and cost

  • Inside jokes often strengthen bonds

  • Constant source of ongoing laughter


Brainstorming your version of this gift


  • Inside joke gifts and inspiration

  • Make the item small enough as to not be a burden

  • Can also frame photos or paper items (documents, song lyrics, etc.)

  • Not just for S.O.’s. You likely have inside jokes with family, friends, co-workers, etc.


Making this gift happen 


  • Who do you have inside jokes with? ______

  • How can your gift to them immortalize an inside joke? ______


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My attempt to send
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Patrick Kucharson
Better Gift Coach™

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