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The “tell me your story" Gift:

I wanted to share a gift that has been the best gift in our family. For Christmas, I got my dad a book, called “Tell Me Your Story, Dad”, that has questions about growing up, great memories, and things about him. Each monthly lunch we spend together, part of our time is me asking him questions and documenting his answers. He has really enjoyed sharing stories of his life with me and I have loved hearing his stories and learning more about him. It has been so much fun that I also do it with my mom and step-dad on our lunches together and my daughter is doing it with my husband's parents. We have learned so much more about our parents than we would ever have thought to ask. Everyone has thoroughly enjoyed being able to share their lives with us.

Jennifer in California


Why this gift is great


  • One gift that leads to countless priceless moments

  • This is a gift for them, for you, and for others (present & future)

  • Taking the time to preserve someone’s legacy is a great way to honor them and show your appreciation


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General guidance:

  • This gift’s secret sauce is the quality time you spend together

  • This gift could help bond you with a loved one who is long-distance (can do the interviews virtually)

  • Leave room for improvisation - their answers to your questions might lead to unexpected (and valuable) follow-up insights

  • Schedule multiple occasions to go through these questions (as opposed to just springing questions on them). This will also ensure you eventually get through the book.


Tell Me Your Story books:


This gift is similar to 🎁 The “Get to Know Me Journal" Gift, but it’s a team exercise.




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For our 25th anniversary, my husband wrote me a song. He is a professional drummer and can play guitar and sing beautifully, but not a songwriter (so he says). I walked in the hotel room and there was a card that said: Get cozy, open the card but don't read it yet, put on these headphones, and press play. It was the most beautiful song he wrote about when we first met and the lyrics were written in the card. I've listened to it every day since. It was the most special gift I've ever received.

Marcey in North Carolina

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