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Hi gift-givers! Flashflood warning (for your eyes)! Just in case, find a nearby box of tissues before reading this gift story. By chance…does anyone know Julia Roberts personally? If she ever recreates the movie Stepmom, the gift needs to be in it.


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I’m in the final stages of publishing a new e-guide for gift-giving in new relationships. It provides tips and gift suggestions meant to instill confidence and save those in new relationships time & stress when it comes to gift-giving.

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The “Get to Know Me Journal" Gift:

I'm a newer stepmom (3 years) to adult children (30+yo). They weren't thrilled with the idea of Dad remarrying initially . . didn't know me, etc. So I have worked very hard to build a relationship with them over the past 3 years even if it wasn't always feeling encouraged by the kids. I'm in this for the long-haul so simply strived to be generous in spirit in all ways I could. I knew we had made good progress but this Christmas the youngest gave me a journal following prompts to answer personal questions to share stories of her childhood and younger adult life I had missed out on. It was a pure labor of love. I wept after opening it. It made me feel we crossed the goal line and we've arrived together. Nothing will top that gift.

Anonymous AWESOME subscriber


Why this gift is great


  • Unique

  • Could be a good group gift to do with siblings

  • Thoughtful (actually…out-of-this-world thoughtful)

  • Validation for them that you’re welcoming them into your life

  • Useful for them to truly get to know you for your relationship to grow


Brainstorming your version of this gift


Purchase a Get to Know Me Journal:

**Note this is still a very thoughtful gift even if you don’t reply to all of the prompts

DIY a Get to Know Me Journal:

  • Open a blank journal (or a digital doc) and get to work

  • I like this option because you can limit the journal to the prompts you want

Possible prompts to help you start your journal:

  1. What motivated you as a child?

  2. Reflect on your childhood hobbies.

  3. Describe your favorite places as a child.

  4. Describe a favorite childhood toy or game.

  5. What did you want to be when you grew up?

  6. What advice would you give your younger self?

  7. How would you describe yourself as a teenager?

  8. What is your favorite childhood homecooked meal?

  9. Share the story of one of you favorite childhood gifts.

  10. Reflect on a few life moments that helped shaped you.

  11. Detail a favorite memory from the various chapters of your life.

  12. What were your favorite childhood books, tv shows, movies, songs, etc.?



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