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The “Memorize Your Jam" Gift:

When my now-husband and I were first dating, we disagreed on musical preferences (he listened to 90s hip hop, I liked country). For his birthday, I memorized the words to his favorite song “Mo Money, Mo Problems.” He was so excited, and it became the first song we could truly enjoy together! We both sang and danced to it at our wedding a few years later!

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Why this gift is great


  • Unique

  • Memorable

  • Fun surprise

  • Budget-friendly

  • Establishes a lasting bond around a song


Brainstorming your version of this gift


Instead of a song, you could memorize:

  • Dance routines

  • Meaningful quotes

  • Song instrumentals

  • TV or movie dialogues

  • Poems or book passages


Other suggestions:

  • Invite others to join in this gift

  • Instead of delivering your performance, you could illustrate their favorite song, quote, poem, etc. (see 🎁 Doodle causes laughing so hard they cry)

  • If you’re concerned about “stage” fright, this would still be a great gift if you pre-recorded your performance.


Helpful videos for memorizing lyrics or words:



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Subscribers doing their
own versions of BGC gifts


Subscriber Karlyn had this fun gift story to share which is an awesome version of 🎁 The “dad quote" Gift:

The best gift I gave this Christmas was for my dad, and it was actually intended to be a Father's Day gift but I didn't get myself together in time so it turned into a Christmas gift ;) Me, my husband, and my sister all tag-teamed for this one. My dad (like most dads) has a million sayings and jokes that he has had on repeat my whole life. So for Christmas we three put our heads together and wrote down as many of his sayings as we could think of, but we didn't stop there. My dad also has this quirk where he makes anything and everything into an acronym. For example, when we ask if he's going to be at such-and-such event, he'll reply with, "TGLW"--which us kids all know means, "the good Lord willing," because that's one of his many oft-repeated sayings. So we turned every one of his phrases we could think of into its acronym, and ordered a custom mug from Etsy that's just covered in all these acronyms. I was pretty pleased with that gift, but I couldn't let it end there. I made a list of all the acronyms, put blanks next to each one, printed it out, and stuck it in an envelope. On Christmas, he opened the envelope on top of his present and the instructions were, "You must solve three before you can open your gift." Over 20 minutes of hilarity ensued as we all realized we know his sayings & acronyms way better than he does! My mom guessed most of the acronyms before my dad did! Eventually he solved three of his acronym-sayings, and got to open his mug, which he loved. We included a paper with the full sayings that corresponded to all the acronyms on the mug. He loved the whole thing and we all had a blast Christmas morning.


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