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The “sponsored sibling getaway" Gift:

We have given our children (grown and flown) a weekend away alone anywhere in the US. Predetermined $ amount. We want them to continue to have a close relationship and by having a weekend alone every year we hope they will.



Why this gift is great


  • Removes a barrier (financial expense)

  • Long-term ROI - fosters lasting bonds

  • Selfless (the parents aren’t participating)

  • Many prefer experiential gifts over material ones 

  • Gift tradition that takes the guesswork out of future gifts


Brainstorming your version of this gift


BGC “sponsored sibling getaway" Playbook:

  1. Determine the budget

  2. Provide advanced notice so they can plan

  3. Establish payment logistics (you pay upfront, gift card, reimbursement, per diem, etc.)

  4. Communicate your expectations (compromising, timing, desired spirit/purpose of the outing, etc.)

  5. Make it an annual tradition


Instead of weekend getaways, consider sponsoring other quality time opportunities:

  • Dining experiences

  • Selfcare experiences - spa days, mani/pedis

  • Adventures - amusement parks, nature excursions

  • Entertainment events - concerts, movies, plays, etc

  • Shared hobby or class - DIY home projects, trade shows, gardening class, etc.

  • Memberships - season tickets, museums, amusement parks, gym, gaming subscription, etc.


Other gift-recipients to consider a sponsored getaway for:

  • Retirees

  • New Parents

  • Friends/family

  • Parents or grandparents

  • Co-workers (even if it’s just paying for them to go out to lunch)



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  • Someone with adult children or grandchildren




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