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The “continuously unfolding surprise party" Gift:

For my Aunt's 30th, she was 8 months pregnant and her husband said "Let's go for a bike ride!" (She wasn't impressed, but he was persistent).

As they rode down the street, they spotted a friend, also out for a bike ride, so invited her to join them.

At each intersection, another friend or family member would mysteriously be out for a casual bike ride, and would join them.

By the end there was a whole group of them biking, and when my Aunt saw her sister-in-law at an intersection (who lives on the opposite side of the world) she was so surprised she nearly fell off her bike!

Definitely a creative way to do a surprise party!

Sarah from Wellington, New Zealand


Why this gift is great


  • Group gift

  • Memorable

  • Great for people who prefer gifts of time together

  • Incorporating an everyday activity (biking) adds to the surprise

  • Continued unfolding - building anticipation and delight with each encounter


Brainstorming your version of this gift


Reserve this gift for social butterflies or at least people who would enjoy small gatherings one after another.


Consider how you can replicate the continued unfolding nature of this gift in your own surprise parties/events. That, I feel, is the element of this gift that makes it so memorable and unique.


Plan ahead – your version of this gift will likely take a decent amount of planning and coordination with others.


Capture the moments in photos, videos, and in keepsakes so the gift-recipient (and others) can enjoy reliving them


Other activities/settings that might work for your version of this gift:

  • A concert

  • A fair/festival

  • A hike/walk/run

  • Bar/restaurant crawl (a different person/group at each location)


Another version of this gift could be coordinating visits from multiple people to someone who is in a nursing home, assisted living facility, or homebound



Making this gift happen 


  • Who on your gift list prefers gifts of together time to material ones?____

  • What everyday activity can you center this unraveling surprise around?____

  • Who would you include in the surprise?____


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My significant other turns 50 on Christmas Day and has been trying to figure out what to do to celebrate on a day when most people are otherwise occupied. He’s a big UFC fan so the Cameo suggestion is perfect!

I think this is an awesome gift idea! Please let me know how it goes so I can share it with the community.

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