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Hi gift-givers! This newsletter takes you on expeditions to preserve great gift opportunities that are on the verge of extinction.

Endangered gift opportunities


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Thank you to the several subscribers who took me up on my offer to help them brainstorm gift ideas for folks who are grieving (or anticipating) the loss of a loved one. If anyone else could use free bereavement gift ideas, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email.


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The “ticket stub hub" Gift:

Years ago my husband and I went to Paris ahead of our 20th anniversary. When the actual anniversary date came around, my husband gave me a plaque. Under plexiglass were our admission tickets and a photo of the Eiffel Tower. A brass label said, “We’ll always have Paris” and the date of our anniversary. A cherished present!

Margaret from New York

Image thanks to Margaret


Why this gift is great


  • Budget-friendly

  • Ages like a fine wine

  • Continued source of joy

  • A shrinking window of opportunity - physical ticket stubs will soon become a thing of the past

  • Milks an experience for future gifts (similar to 🎁How to milk a dinner date and 🎁Vacationing for future gifts)


Brainstorming your version of this gift


General tips/ideas:

  • Save tickets from multiple events and make a collage

  • Consider pairing the ticket(s) with a complementary gift (e.g. a photo or memento from the event)

Gifts that recreate a ticket:

Events with keepsake ticket opportunity:

  • Plays

  • Movies

  • Concerts

  • Museums

  • Theme parks

  • Sporting events

  • Tourist attractions

  • Travel (planes, trains, and automobiles)

  • Celebration events (graduations, award ceremonies)


Making this gift happen 


  • Who have you attended a memorable ticketed event with in the past?____

  • Who will you be attending potentially memorable ticketed events with in the future?____


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  • Concert or theatre lovers (or folks who give them gifts)

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Inspire others!
Share the stories of your best gifts


Please reply to this email ~ or ~ click the button below if you have stories of awesome gifts that you can share with the community that fall under the below topics:

  • Gifts from/to strangers

  • Wedding anniversary gifts

  • Any memorable gift you’ve received or given


Your input helps others brainstorm


If your original ticket stubs from a memorable event are lost, would you want a gift that recreates a version of the tickets (replicas, art print, pillow, etc.)

Answer to see how the rest of the community feels.

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Here’s looking at you, gift-givers,
Patrick Kucharson
Better Gift Coach

P.S. Thank you to the folks who have recently shared their stories of the best gifts they’ve ever received or given! I’m always excited to hear from you. If you have a gift idea to share, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email.


Subscribers putting BGC
gift ideas into action


Have you been inspired by a gift idea shared in the BGC newsletter? It would be the highlight of my week to hear from you about it! Here’s who made my week:

In response to 🎁Wedding guests sitting on a gift goldmine, I received the following comment:

When my best friend was married, she and all of us bridesmaids made our own bouquets out of dyed wooden flowers, and they were gorgeous. After the wedding, I cut the tops of the flowers from the stems to make them smaller, then bought a clear, empty (and shatterproof!) DIY ornament from the craft store. I stuffed some flowers and filler from the bouquet into the ornament, added a tag with their anniversary date to the ornament ribbon, and gave it to my best friend that Christmas. She LOVED it! She was sad she hadn't thought to keep any of the flowers, so it was extra meaningful to her to have some of the flowers in a keepsake ornament forever.


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